Mission Statement

My mission is to help each one of my clients make well-informed and intelligent financial decisions that may help them address financial comfort and pursue their goals and dreams. I work closely with each and every client to help them organize their finances and provide objective, independent investment advice and options available.

I value educating my clients, which is why I make the effort to explain to them the nature of the ups and downs of the markets related to their individual portfolio. I monitor each client’s investment portfolio frequently and make changes whenever necessary based on client risk tolerance or market conditions. To read more about my risk questionnaire, click here.

When working with clients, I maintain an extremely high level of communication and personal availability so that each individual can feel comfortable with their investment decisions. I strive to answer my clients’ questions in an expedient manner so they can feel confident in their financial future.

There are many independent advisors that investors have the choice of working with, but I believe my firm has a distinctive edge. Clients choose to work with me for a multitude of reasons, including:

  1. My small client base allows me to focus on your accounts, current economic and market conditions as you expect.

  2. I enjoy meeting new clients and my existing clients understand that they are treated with priority and respect.

  3. I provide a proactive service so my clients are not left wondering about their finances, current market or economic conditions.

  4. I continually create, change and maintain investment strategies during all types of market and economic conditions.